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German Radiosonde Data from the Second World War Coordinates map example
Period 1939 - 1945
Status active
These radiosonde data were measured at different locations in nowadays Germany, France, Danmark, Italy, Poland, Austria and Estonia during WW II. Geodynamic height, temperature and relative humidity were recorded on 11 pressure levels from 1000 hPa to 50 hPa. #Pictures 1368
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Crew 105
Tulagi (Solomon Islands), station data Coordinates 9°6\'S 160°9\'E map example
Status closed
These are surface station data from Tulagi (Solomon Islands) from the early 20th century. The measured parameters encompass air pressure (incl. barometer temperature for correction), dry and wet bulb temperature, maximum and minimum temperature, humidity, wind direction and speed, cloud cover, weather and precipitation amount. #Pictures 1056
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