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Data rescue at home

Are you interested in weather and climate? Do you want to make an active contribution to climate research? At Data rescue at home, volunteers and weather enthusiasts can digitize historical weather data from all over the globe. In return, the data will be made available to the public without any restriction.
Two projects are currently online: One project is dealing with German radiosonde data from the Second World War and a second project contains meteorological station data from Tulagi (Solomon Islands) for the first half of the 20th century. The station data from Tulagi are currently extracted and will undergo a quality control. Therefore, the project is closed for digitalization. The old data are expected to be very useful for different international research and reanalysis projects (e.g. the Twentieth Century Reanalysis, new surface temperature datasets), and the prolongation of the currently available observational series into the past is of crucial importance for our understanding of the climate system.
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